Hire top global talent to grow your business.

Say goodbye to expensive hiring costs and save 50% or more on employment with our affordable solutions.

Unlock Your Business Growth Potential

Access top-tier global talent to drive growth, increase efficiency, and support your business objectives. The cost? A fraction of what you’d expect. The average monthly salary for our Growth Hires ranges from $500 to $3,000, with a sweet spot of around $1,000 to $1,500 per month. Whether you need an assistant, marketing generalist, content creator, SEO expert, designer, data analyst, salesperson, or customer support specialist, we have you covered. With our innovative recruiting solutions and commitment to affordability, GrowthHire.com is the key to unlocking the growth potential of your business.

How It Works

Your time is valuable so we do our best to keep it simple.

1. The Role

Let us know about the positions you’re looking to fill, your desired hiring timeline, and your salary budget. We can even zero in on specific locations based on your business requirements.

2. The Search

Our team will prepare your job description and then promote your role to multiple talent pools. We also directly reach out to top candidates for your job, encouraging them to apply.

3. Meet Your Hire

Once we’ve identified 3 to 5 top-quality candidates who align with your needs, the choice is yours! You pick who becomes your next star hire and get down to business.

AI Recruiting

You’ll have the opportunity to handpick top talent from our pool of qualified candidates, all identified specifically for you through a handcrafted job description and our AI-driven process. Say goodbye to the hassle and high cost of traditional hiring and embrace the future of smart and cost-effective talent sourcing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced are GrowthHire.com candidates?
All candidates have at least 2 years of experience in roles that you are looking to fill. All candidates are fluent in English with extensive and relevant work experience. Ultimately, it all depends on your requirements and candidate selection.

Where does GrowthHire.com source talent?
At GrowthHire.com, we cast a wide net to bring you the best global talent ensuring a diverse pool of experienced and skilled candidates to choose from.

How long does it take to find candidates for my role?
You’ll start receiving top-notch candidates in just 3 business days or less once we start recruiting. After that, we’ve seen clients hire in a matter of days and others over the course of a couple of weeks. It’s safe to expect the entire process to last up to 4 weeks.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
If within the first 60 days of the recruiting process, you find yourself unsatisfied with the candidates presented, then just let us know and we will completely refund you. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your original hire in the first 6 months then simply let us know and we will find you a replacement for free.

How do I pay my new hire?
You pay them how you would any other hire, the choice is yours. Most of our clients use services like Gusto or Wise to pay and manage their new hires. This is not the case for our GrowthHire Managed plan, where we handle all payroll.